Bad Boy Mowers Kohler KT725 725cc / NOT AVAILABLE

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New Deck Dial Adjustment

Foot-assist deck lift pedal for manual deck operation, allowing you to lock-in deck height (up to 4.5") by pushing pedal and simply twisting knob.

New Muffler Design

Better positioned for cleaner design.

New Transaxle Lowered

For easier maintenance and better weight distribution along the frame.

New Pulley Belt Covers

Lower profile covers are easy to get on and off.

New Rubber Chute

Provides increased durability and flexibility.

New Anti-Scalping Wheels

Feature spring washers for dependable use.

New Thicker Deck

Heaviest 7-gauge steel deck in its class, with 1/4" steel reinforced edge.

New Curved Front Rail

Creates an even stronger frame.  Taller caster bearings feature flat caps.  Also allows you to maximize trailer space.

New Lift-Up Floorboard

All-access to the belts for service and cleaning also includes new heavy-duty rubber floor mat protects deck surface.

New Actuator Lift Bars

With four lift points for smooth deck lift performance and firm support.

New Wider Stance

Provides better traction and performance, even on slopes.

New Steering Arm Housing

Provides firmer, tighter and more precise control of mower.

New Fuel Gauge

Easy to read fuel gauge incorporated into tanks.

New Deeper Storage

Re-designed for more storage

New Larger Fuel Tanks

Features more fuel capacity than previous model.  Features more molded in storage.


Mower Specifications  
Cutting Width 4800 - 48"
Cutting Height 1.5" – 4.5" with Deck Height Control System
Blades 4800 - 7/32" x 2 1/2" x 16 1/2", High Lift, Heat Treated
Lift and Height Adjustment Foot-Assist Lift
Electric Lift Optional: Deck Dial
Blade Belt Single V-Belt Spring Tension
Anti-Scalp Rollers 4 Total (2 Front, 2 Rear)
Deck Flotation Floats On Four 1/4" Deck Hangers
Deck Thickness 3/16" Thick Solid Steel
Engine Specifications  
Gross Horsepower/cc 725cc Kohler KT725
Cylinders 90 Degree V-Twin
Displacement 725cc
Maximum Torque 41.3 ft. lbs. @ 2,400 RPM
Fuel Requirement Unleaded Gasoline (87 Octane or Higher)
Fuel Capacity 5 Gallons
Fuel Filter Replaceable Automotive Type
Cooling System Air-Cooled
Ignition Electronic
Starter 12 Volt
Charging System 16 Amp
Drive System Specifications  
Transmission Dual Integrated Hydrostatic Transaxle
Pump Drive Integrated Axial Piston Pump & Motoro w/Gear Reduction
Wheel Drive Integrated with Gear Reduction
Hydrostatic System Oil 20W50 Motor Oil
Hydraulic Filter -
Pumps (2) EZT Integrated Unit
Hydraulic Coolers (2) 7" Cooling Fan per Unit
Mower Dimensions  
Weight 4800 - 661 lbs.
Overall Height 42"
Overall Width
Chute Up/Chute Down
4800 - 52" / 62"
Overall Length 76"
Tire to Tire Width 46"
Tires - Front 11 x 6.0 - 5 Smooth Tread
Tires - Rear 18 x 9.5 - 8 Turf Tread
Steering Dual Lever Steering, Independent Control
Turning Radius Zero Turn - Zero Degrees, Turns Within Unit Length
Ground Speed (forward) Up To 6 mph
Parking Brake External Cogg Brake