Bale Processors

Why Do You Need a Haybuster Bale Processor?

  • Bale processors have become very popular in the past several years. They become a necessary tool in expanding your herds and taking care of your cattle.
  • It saves you hay and time. Our Balebusters allow you to process only as much hay as your herd will eat, giving the cattle less chance for waste.
  • Processing the bale removes mold and dust from the hay, enriching the material and making it more palatable for your cattle.
  • Save material and time while producing superb bedding for your cows. Our processors lay out an even blanket of hay that can’t be matched by rolling out a bale, which can leave undesirable clumps and piles.
  • Our Balebusters can also be used for efficient erosion control applications. A one-man operation can cover lots of ground quickly and without costly delays that come with manual processes.