Kuhn 8215-25N

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The Strength is in the Gang

Gang Design

With a choice of 22’’ or 24’’ diameter, 6 gauge or ¼’’ thick Residue Razor® disc blades on 8’’ or 9-1/8’’ spacing, the 8215 disc harrow can be configured for optimum performance in a variety of residue and soil conditions. The 20-degree front and 19-degree rear gang angle provide consistent residue cutting and mixing. Heavy-duty 6’’ ductile iron spools, rock-flex bearing arms and heavy-duty PEER® TILLXTREME™ maintenance-free bearings offer the strength and endurance that sets the 8215 above the competitors.

Residue Razor™ Disc Blades

All KUHN Krause tandem disc harrows feature Residue Razor disc blades that are engineered with a unique Boron steel optimizing strength to withstand stress, fractures, and to provide flexibility in rock conditions. Residue Razor discs have an exceptionally sharp edge, five times sharper than conventional blades.


KUHN Krause heavy-cast spools multiply the strength of the disc gang. Spools are line-bored for an exact fit on the tie rod and precision faced to perfectly match the blade surface. A larger bell on the concave end and a smaller bell on the convex end provide an overlap fit against the blades, supporting the blade more positively without creating a stress line.

Hi-Clearance Scrapers

The 5-inch hi-clearance rigid scrapers on 8215/8315 tandem disc harrows handle high amounts of residue. The shallow scraper angle and high integral mount improve residue flow and blade-cleaning performance.

Rock-Flex Bearing Arm

Rock-flex bearing arms provide protection from rocky or hard soil conditions. Rock-flex bearing arms feature PEER® TILLXTREME™ maintenance-free bearings.

The Ultimate in Transportability

Quad-Fold™ —The Ultimate in Transportability

The KUHN Krause Quad-Fold™ design features a rigid center section with a folding inner and outer wing. The outer wing hydraulically locks to the inner wing in field use to create a 3-section disc with even weight distribution. Quad-Fold 41- and 44-foot models are a full 5-section design. Quad-Fold is available on 8215 – 36’ to 44’ models.

Heavy-Duty Walking Beams

Standard on all 8215 disc harrows, heavy-duty walking beams allow for consistent working depth on rough ground and more stable road transport. Walking beams have slip-in spindles and heavy-duty hubs.

Wide or Narrow Spacing

Choose wide or narrow spacing to better match the needs of your operation.

  • Wide Spacing: Wide, 9 1/8”, spacing offers more aggressive residue mixing and leaves a course finish to resist wind erosion and aid in the drying of soil.
  • Narrow Spacing: Narrow, 8”, spacing offers more aggressive residue cutting and leaves a smooth seedbed, ready to plant.


24/7® Leveling Systems

Increase yield potential through better seedbed condition and increase productivity with non-stop farming. KUHN Krause disc harrows can be equipped with the following 24/7® leveling systems:

  • 24/7® 3-Row Coil Tine Harrow: Featuring a parallel link leveling system for superior residue flow and even distribution, the coil tine harrow offers an increase in yield potential and improved residue management even in high residue conditions. With 16” long tines, 7/16” diameter, the 24/7 Coil Tine Harrow ensures smoother residue distribution and better chemical incorporation.
  • 3-Bar Spike Harrow: For excellent clod sizing in low to moderate residue conditions, the 3-bar spike harrow is an efficient way to create a level seedbed. Rugged ¾” x 10” square spikes provide long-lasting leveling.
  • 24/7® Soil Conditioning Reel: For maximum clod sizing, leveling and soil firming the 24/7 soil conditioning reel is your choice. Choose the round, spiral rods for loamy soils or flat, spiral blades for high clay soils. A float setting widens the tillage/weather window when operating in wet soil conditions.


Model 8215-25N
Transport Width (ft/m) 13'7" / 4.1
Transport Height (ft/m) 11'11" / 3.6
Frame Type 3-Section
Number of Disc Blades 78
Number of Bearing Arms 22
Approximate Working Width (ft/m) 25'2" / 7.6
Approximate Weight (lbs/kg) 13,711 / 6 219
Disc Blade Spacing (in/cm) 8" Front / 8" Rear
Disc Gang Angle 20 Degrees Front, 19 Degrees Rear
Hitch Type Articulating Ball CAT III, 1-1/2" Pin
Tongue Level-Lift Tongue
Leveling Mechanical Fore/Aft Adjustable
Hydraulics Color-Coded Hydraulic Hose Grips, Royal Plate Plus® Cylinder Rods
Depth Control Single-Point, Crank Style  Hydraulic Depth Control
Disc Gangs 1-3/4" Round Diameter Alloy Tie Rod, Rock-Flex® Bearing Arms 1-1/4" x 2-1/2", 6" Bell Diameter Ductile Iron Spools, Cast Housing PEER® TILLXTREME™ No Daily Grease Maintenance Bearings, Tie Rod Wrench
Disc Blades 22" x 6 ga Residue Razor® Solid Edge
Taper Blades Front 22" - 20", Rear 22" - 20" - 18" - 16", Bolt-on Furrow Filler
Disc Scrapers 5" Hi-Clearance Rigid Scrapers with Dual Scrapers at Bearing Arm Locations
Center Section Tires Four 280/70 R15, Walking Beams with Slip-In Spindles, 6-Bolt Heavy Duty Hubs
Wing Frame Tires Two 280/70 R15 per Wing, Walking Beams with Slip-In Spindles, 6-Bolt Hubs
Wing Gauge Wheels Not Applicable
Transport Locks and Safety Hydraulic Valve Wing-Fold and Transport Locks, High Visibility LED Lighting, SMV Sign
Wing Gauge Wheels Two 20.5 x 8 (Kevlar)
Wing Gauge Wheels  
Wing Gauge Wheels Two 20.5 x 8 load Range E
Leveling Hydraulic Fore/Aft Adjustable
Disc Blades 22" x 1/4" Residue Razor® Solid Edge
Taper Blades Not Applicable
Rear Hitch Rear Hitch (Not for Use with Finishing Attachment)
Finishing Attachments 24/7® 3-Row 16" Tine Harrow
Finishing Attachments 3 Bar Spike Harrow
Finishing Attachments 24/7® Soil Conditioning HD Reel with Float Position (Flat Bar or Round Rod)
Recommended Operating Speed (mph/km/h) 4 - 6 / 6 -10
Recommended Maximum Working Depth (in/cm) 6" / 15.4
Recommended Tractor Power Range (mph/kw/h) 7 - 9 PTO HP per Foot