Kuhn GA 6002

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Superior Raking Quality

The rotary rake provides gentle and clean raking at all speeds to produce a fluffy windrow without roping. With faster operation and drying speed, you’ll be able to put up a higher quality crop more quickly.

Maximized Productivity

The rear rotor position is set from the tractor cab for selection of work or transport position, delivery of one or two windrows and the raking width. With a turning angle of over 90 degrees, this rake cleanly collects crop on turns and headlands without the need to compensate for the position of the rear rotor.

Exceptional Ground Clearance

Hydraulic cylinders mounted within each undercarriage and at the front hitch provide exceptionally high ground clearance. Simple crank stops are used to adjust tine operating height and adaptation for different tractor drawbar heights.

One or Two Windrows

Make one or two separate windrows with the GA 6002. You will particularly appreciate this versatility when wanting to turn two windrows simultaneously or produce night windrows quickly to reduce dew on the crop.

Easy and Secure Transport

During transport, an automatic locking system secures the rear rotor in the inline transport position. When the rake is lowered in the field, the lock automatically disengages. There is no need to remove the tine arms for transport.


Number of rotors 2
Working width (inches) 19'
Working width (m) 1 swath : 5.80 - 2 swaths : 5.40
Swath delivery 1 side swath or 2 separate swaths
Number of tines per arm 3
Drive Central gearbox
Transport lenght (m) 7.3
Tire type Hyper balloons 18 x 8.50-8
Bogie axle Option
Transport width (m) 2.95
Transport width (feet) 7'5"
Transport lenght (feet) 23'11"
Linkage Drawbar
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 30
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 40
PTO speed (rpm) 540
Tractor hydraulic equipment 1 SA + 1 DA
Weight (kg) 1260
Weight (lb) 2778