• New Holland T7 Heavy Duty with PLM Intelligence™

    The new #NHAG #T7HD with #PLM Intelligence™ tractor series builds on the legacy of its acclaimed T7 tractor family, expanding and reinforcing all the critical areas that determine the success of modern agricultural operations, to deliver the all-round top performance and comfort levels demanded by today’s largest contractors and arable farmers. #ThePowerOfIntelligence

  • New Holland Methane Power production tractor at work

    See the New Holland T6.180 Methane Power tractor, the world’s first 100% methane powered production tractor, at work in the field. Understand how this tractor completes the virtuous cycle of the Energy Independent Farm℠ system. Watch how it can be used to grow crops and reuse waste products to generate biomethane, which powers the tractor, which in turn, helps grow those very crops.

  • New Holland T8 Genesis™ - My PLM Connect

    Let's talk about My PLM Connect, the new telematics portal that allows you to remotely manage your fleet. This system allows you to receive, send and analyze data in real time with the aim of always making the best decision in every situation. New Holland IntelliView™ Connect and New Holland Remote Assistance tools also allow the dealer, with prior authorization, to access the monitor remotely and provide remote support to ensure unprecedented levels of productivity. For any other information, contact your New Holland dealer!

  • New Holland T8 Genesis™ - IntelliView™ 12

    An intelligent monitor for increasingly advanced and connected agriculture. The new IntelliView ™ 12 monitor connects the operator to the tractor in a completely new way and allows the customization of all parameters in an extremely intuitive and simple way. The ability to manage up to 4 external video cameras ensures optimal control over everything that surrounds the operator and a significant increase in safety. Furthermore, you can always ask and get the support of your trusted dealer in real time. Uncompromising productivity!

  • New Holland T8 Genesis™ - SideWinder™ Ultra

    Are you ready to get to know the SideWinder ™ Ultra armrest of the new T8 Genesis ™? All functions, including the most advanced ones, are close at hand and can be operated very quickly and easily. In addition to the classic commands that allow you to comfortably manage all operations, numerous configurable buttons are positioned on the armrest. They ensure a complete customization of the commands according to the work to be performed. Innovation and intuitiveness in a single solution!

  • New Holland T8 Genesis™ - Inside the Cab

    Let’s enter the new cabin of the T8 ™ Genesis with PLM Intelligence ™. Revolutionized and redesigned listening to farmers' suggestions, to offer the best possible driving experience and unprecedented comfort. Every detail is inspired by the automotive world, from the seat to the simplified management of each parameter via the IntelliView ™ 12 monitor. You'll soon forget you've got on a tractor!

  • New Holland T8 Genesis™ - External Update

    The T8 Genesis ™ with PLM Intelligence ™ presents a number of important innovations. In this first episode, it is possible to see how the cabin has been improved to ensure greater safety and comfort for the operator during processing and the new MYPLM® Connect portal for complete monitoring of the machine aimed at increasing productivity. To get to know all the innovative features of the new T8 Genesis ™, don't miss the next videos!

  • T8 Genesis. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system

    The redesigned, high capacity heating, ventilation and air conditioning system on T8 Genesis tractors uses 17 precision positioned vents around the cab to ensure full body heating and cooling, for ultimate comfort in both hot and cold conditions. Controlled from the SideWider™ Ultra armrest, this facilitates easy on-the-go adjustments.

  • New T8 Genesis™ with PLM Intelligence™ tractors. Connected for the way you work

    New Holland built the new T8 Genesis™ with PLM Intelligence™ around the input of operators like you. From a reimagined cab designed to offer the most comfortable and convenient driver experience, to next-generation intuitive controls that can be easily customized to the tasks at hand, every detail has been carefully engineered to meet your needs. The new T8 Genesis with PLM Intelligence is also the first tractor on the market to fully integrate New Holland’s advanced Precision Land Management platform. So, no matter where you are, you’re always connected to real-time insights, information, and support.

  • New Holland Boomer 25 C – 55 Compact Tractor Range

    New Holland are compact tractor specialists, with models developed for grounds care, horticulture and municipal use and everything in between. From the golf courses and parks through to vineyards and orchards, New Holland has a tractor to meet the most demanding of end user needs. #NHAG new Stage V Boomer tractors are compact, manoeuvrable and versatile tractors that are divided into four classes offering new levels of features and performance. Only New Holland can offer you so much compact tractor choice.

  • CustomSteer™ variable ratio steering system

    The New Holland CustomSteer™ variable ratio steering system, saves you valuable time and effort in the field. It reduces the amount of turns required when conducting loader work, during headland turns or working with trailers, by reducing how much you need to turn the steering wheel to achieve a full turn. Forward and reverse setting can differ.

  • SideWinder™ Ultra Armrest

    The SideWinder™ Ultra Armrest features advanced ergonomic controls for intuitive and efficient management of all machine parameters. The CommandGrip™ multifunction handle, IntelliView™ 12 colour touch screen and a whole host of customisable buttons have been design to ensure the ultimate machine operating experience.

  • Dynamic Command™ Transmission - Customers’ Testimonials

    Learn more about the Dynamic Command™ Transmission and see what our customers have to say. Discover more at

  • New Holland T6 Dynamic Command – Get into Gear

    The New Holland T6 Dynamic Command™ tractor has been developed following extensive customer consultation and an intensive research, development and testing process. Designed to offer even more gears in the most frequently used operating ranges, this will enable you to perfectly match the speed of your T6 to the task in hand. Furthermore, the ability to deliver near instantaneous direction changes makes field, but especially loader work, even easier and more efficient.

  • New C Series Tier 4B Tractor Loader Backhoe | New Holland Agriculture

    An excavator and a wheel loader rolled into one. Offering the ability to do a multitude of different tasks, no other machine on the farm says “multi-purpose” like the C Series. Boasting three models in the range, from 98hp(CV) to 111hp(CV), with the range topping equal wheel, four-wheel-steer configuration featured on the B115C. Particularly useful on busy livestock units, the C Series’ extremely powerful front loader can lift over 3.5 tons, and has a useful lift height of 3.5m.

  • New D Series Wheel Loaders | New Holland Agriculture

    The bulk handling and loading of grain, farm yard manure and biomass digestate requires a dedicated heavy duty machine to cope with the heavy payloads and repetitive duty cycles. Equally important is the ability to push and climb when ensiling grass or maize forage. The new D Series New Holland wheel loaders are perfectly suited to these tasks thanks to a massive payload of up to 5440kg on W170D models, up to 197hp(CV) FPT engine and 100% front locking differential and open rear diff. The new best in class cab features outstanding visibility, combined with joystick control with programmable return functions ensures the operator is as productive as possible during the busy silage or harvest seasons.

  • T5 Complete Compact Competitive | New Holland Agriculture

    Now you can easily get all the premium features and top performance you need: 6.5 tons GVW • Loader ready option • 3-speed PTO to manage each and every implement • 4,400 kg rear lift capacity with 2nd assist ramWide power, weight and transmissions choice • Best-in-class fuel consumption • 40kph ECO for fuel saving transports • Cruise control with 2 engine speeds to quickly cope with different tasks.

  • New C Series Mini Excavators | New Holland Agriculture

    Ranging from 1.7 to 6.0 tons, you know you will be able to deliver big performance in the tightest spaces thanks to their short radius design and fast, smooth simultaneous movements. You will appreciate the power and versatility of the new seven model line-up and what’s more, you know you can count on their exceptional reliability, so you will hardly know what down time is.

  • New Holland T5 Electro Command - Multitasking becomes easier

    The new T5 Electro Command is helping to define modern livestock, dairy and mixed farming. Its eye catching New Holland styling includes the same design cues you expect in a T6 or T7 tractor. From distinctive cat eye lights, New Holland’s signature LED lights and aggressive fish gill vents in the bonnet, the T5 will get heads turning. The tractor’s overall compact dimensions and high power-to-weight ratio mean the T5 ticks all the right farming boxes.

  • New Holland renews specialty tractor offering with new T4 FNV Series and TK4 crawler models

    A video report that introduces the new T4 FNV Series and TK4 crawler models. They are ideal for customers of all sizes, from small farms to large corporate agricultural operations, with labour intensive and high value crops, as well as non-standard agricultural applications that have very specific needs. These tractors put the safety and comfort of the operator first, taking them to new unprecedented levels. In particular, the Blue Cab 4™ on the T4FNV, which exceeds regulatory requirements by far sets new standards in the industry.

  • New T4 FNV Series

    New Holland Agriculture introduces the new T4 FNV series of narrow tractors for orchards, vineyards and specialty applications. The new range further raises the bar on safety with the new Blue Cab 4™ system, on performance with the new engine and emission reduction system, and on productivity with a host of new features. The four new tractor models combine New Holland’s bold tractor styling with a streamlined design that has been optimised for narrow rows.

  • New Holland T8 Tier 4B

    Upgraded T8 Tractor Range: powerful performance and fuel efficiency. New Holland Agriculture has upgraded the T8 Series with its ECOBlue™ Hi-eSCR technology for compliance with Tier 4B emissions standards. New T8 now available with SmartTrax™ rear rubber track solution for increased traction, reduced compaction, and to extend your operating window.

  • New Holland T6 video report

    Video report on the new T6 range by Sean Lennon, Head of Tractors.

  • New Holland T6 - On top. Around the clock.

    The T6 has been designed for today’s modern mixed arable farmers and intensive livestock operations and is packed full of features to satisfy even the most demanding users. The industry-leading seat offering includes the Dynamic Comfort range with an ergonomic swivelling backrest and the Auto Comfort™ seat with active heating and ventilation for day-long comfort. Outstanding efficient ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR engines deliver Tier 4B compliance and fuel savings. The renowned Auto Command™ continuously variable transmission offers precision speed control and two points of mechanical efficiency, one for field and one for road mode applications. Increase productivity with up to 16 LED work lights to turn night into day for 24-hour productivity.

  • New Holland T5 video report

    Video report on the new T5 range by Sean Lennon, Head of Tractors.

  • New Holland T5 - Multitasking becomes easier

    The new T5 is helping to define modern livestock, dairy and mixed farming. Its eye catching New Holland styling includes the same design cues you expect in a T6 or T7 tractor. From distinctive cat eye lights, New Holland’s signature LED lights and aggressive fish gill vents in the bonnet, the T5 will get heads turning. The tractor’s overall compact dimensions and high power-to-weight ratio mean the T5 ticks all the right farming boxes.

  • New generation T7 - Power and Style have a new icon

    Sleek lines. Appealing curves. Let’s welcome the new eight model T7 range. The head turning styling features new ‘cat-eye’ lights, aggressive fish gill-like side vents and a gull wing profile roof, jam-packed with up to 16 LED working lights, including automotive style daylight signature lights, for true round the clock farming. The ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR Nef engines are fully compliant with the even more stringent Tier 4B emission standards and develop between 175-270hp whilst maintaining the outstanding fuel economy you’ve come to expect of the T7 range. The new semi-active, ventilated seat makes day-long farming even more comfortable. T7 for a new age of farming.

  • T9 tractor | New Holland Agriculture

    Discover the T9 Series in action starring Daniel McVicar! It is the most powerful tractor in the New Holland range, and provides a simple, high horsepower solution for large scale farmers, with its competitive price, low running costs, superior operator comfort and soil friendly tyres.

  • New Holland T6 Auto Command. Take Control

    New Holland launches T6 Auto Command: enhanced efficiency and productivity in a compact format •Auto Command™ transmission for even greater efficiency •SideWinder™ II armrest: multi award-winning ergonomic excellence •Upgraded Horizon™ Cab: outstanding day long comfort •IntelliSteer™ fully integrated auto guidance: pass-to-pass accuracy up to 1-2 cm •Powerful hydraulics: 125 litres/minute of flow •Blue Power version: a touch of farming luxury •ECOBlue™ SCR only technology: reducing fuel consumption by up to 10% while improving transient response •Power-to-weight ratios as low as 30 kg/hp: power without compaction #NHAGRITECHNICA2013

  • New Holland T5 Electro Command Tractor - Shifting to the next level

    The T5 Electro Command continues the illustrious range of T5 tractors which have set the benchmark in the mixed and livestock segments. The all new Electro Command™, semi-powershift transmission, has been engineered by design to deliver unsurpassed farming efficiency. #NHEIMA2014

  • New Holland T4 PowerStar- VisionView™ Cab - A cab designed around you

    Ultimate operator experience, with ergonomic excellence courtesy of the Command Arc, panoramic 360° view visibility and outstanding comfort. Quite simply, th VisionView™ cab offers a business class experience for livestock farmers. #NHAGRITECHNICA2013

  • New Holland T4 PowerStar- VisionView™ Cab - A cab designed around you

    Ultimate operator experience, with ergonomic excellence courtesy of the Command Arc, panoramic 360° view visibility and outstanding comfort. Quite simply, th VisionView™ cab offers a business class experience for livestock farmers. #NHAGRITECHNICA2013

  • New Holland T7 Range - A larger family for demanding professionals

    The New holland T7 range has been engineered by design to meet your individual farming needs. Choose from nine models and three transmissions variants for greate farmin efficiency, productivity and flexibility. #NHAGRITECHNICA2013

  • Make way for the New Holland advance T5 -TD5 -T6

    New Holland presents New TD5. THE FUTURE OF TRADITIONAL FARMING The traditional farming values of robust design, rugged efficiency and all-rounder simplicity are exactly what the TD5 range stands for. New T5. FARMING FLEXIBILITY. Welcome to business class farming. Step up into the cab and discover your home away from home: New T6. YOUR PERFECT FARMING PARTNER. The new T6 range has redefined the benchmark for all-round tractors

  • T7.210 Golden Tractor for the design winner

    T7.210, the Golden Tractor for Design winner: exceptional power, compactness, power to weight ratio at the top of its category.

  • Extraordinary performance in the field: New Holland New T8 & T9 tractors

    Unknown location. Extraordinary Performance in the field. The first sequences of the New Holland New T8 and T9 tractors at work in the field. Are you ready to experience the new concept of large agriculture ?

  • New Holland Blue Power T7070 AutoCommand tractor Van Waes - Polfliet.wmv

    New Holland Blue Power tractor T7070 AutoCommand

  • New Holland T7070 Autocommand Blue Power at Agrotech

    The luxury and exclusivity of the New Holland Blue Power limited edition tractors celebrated in Poland. The T7070 Autocommand Blue Power presented at Agrotech.

  • New Holland T7000 Blue Power Un-Limited Edition

    Enjoy unlimited comfort, productivity and ease-of-use thanks to the award-winning features of the only double winner of the Tractor of the Year and Golden Tractor for the Design. BEST-IN-CLASS POWERSHIFT AND CVT TRANSMISSIONS • INDUSTRY-LEADING ERGONOMICS WITH SIDEWINDER™ II ARMREST • INTUITIVE, EASY-TO USE CONTROLS WITH INTELLIVIEW™ III TOUCH SCREEN MONITOR. AND SO MUCH MORE. Be the first to discover the pride of New Holland!

  • New Holland, ABS SuperSteer™

    The antilock braking system, available on T7000 tractors, manages each wheels brakes individually to improve stopping power, increasing manoeuvrability and improving safety when transporting heavy equipment. Another safety advantage: a hill holder engages the brakes to prevent the tractor rolling back during hill starts. If that wasnt enough, the system also allows the tractor to turn on a sixpence by pivoting on a controlled and slowed down rear inside wheel; the operator can even control the amount of slip to eliminate soil damage.

  • T3F & T3LP - Making the impossible is our specialty

    New Holland has a long tradition of excellence and consolidated leadership in the production of specialised orchard tractors. Designed and built to meet the needs of professional fruit growers seeking a compact machine offering exceptional performancein the power range from 55 to 75hp, the new T3F series tractors can move with ease between rows, offering excellent performance for cultivation, material handling and road transport. The key design parameter of the new T3LP is being a low profile tractor for orchards and small farms. Thanks to its dimensions, the new T3LP is best match for citrus and dry fruits like almond, pistachio and nuts growers requiring under branch or between wider row operations.match to farmers’ needs.

  • New T4FNV. Making the impossible is our speciality.

    The latest generation T4FNV series have been engineered by design to meet the exacting requirements of today’s modern orchard and vineyard owners. Available in three widths with either ROPS or all new flat deck high visibility cab. #NHAG #Speciality #T4FNV

  • #NewHolland 600LA & 700LA. Premium Front Loaders.

    Think premium loader. Think 600LA & 700LA. This range delivers premium loader technology. Always. The 600LA & 700LA was conceived with ease of operation in mind, and as such the integrated pipework and sleek design enhance visibility and reliability. The heavy duty construction means that your 600LA & 700LA will lift the heaviest loads day in day out, season in season out, without ever tiring. The electronic controls for fingertip loader precision complete this luxury loader package. Compatible with the T4, T5, T6 and T7 tractor ranges, you’ve found your perfect productivity partner.

  • #NewHolland New T4F : The impossible is their speciality.

    New Holland new T4F speciality tractors are the new superheroes of every vineyards and orchards. With all its superpowers, they offer a high level of comfort, protect the operator and answer to every customer needs. Let’s take a seat inside the VisionView™ Cab and enjoy the incredible visibility.

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