3-Point Grain Drills

Bedded Seed Beds or “Planting on the Flat”

  • Three different opener height adjustments for various bed depths
  • 6" stagger for maximum trash flow
  • Precise seed placement
  • Superior depth gauge capability
  • 15" Planter size double disc blades offset 1/2" for maximum trash cutting capability
  • Durable ductile cast hubs with triple sealed bearings
  • Heavy-duty adjustable down pressure springs
  • Optional dual gauge wheels available

Row Spacing 8" 10" 7 1/2" 10"
No. of Openers 40 32 48 36
Weight (lbs.)* 8,100 7,5404 9,000 8,280
Working Width 27' 30'
Transport Width 27' (Approx.) 30' (Approx.)
Transport Clearance N/A N/A
Height 71" 71"
Length 96" 96"
Seed Box Capacity 2 bu./ft. 2 bu./ft.
Tire Size 11L 8PLY 6 Bolt 11L 8PLY 6 Bolt
Opener Travel 7 1/2" 7 1/2"
Opener Depth 0-2 1/2" 0-2 1/2"
Opener Down-Pressure 95-160 lbs. 95-160 lbs.
HP Required (Est.) 180 min. 180 min.

*Weights are approximate

Rugged and reliable ground drive

Single Seed Placement with the ONLY All Metal Metering System on the Market!

The Wobble Slot ductile cast seed cup gives precise seed placement. The Wobble Slot is bored and machine faced with a sintered metal rotor of bronze alloy construction (no plastic parts). Precision processed rotor is adjusted by moving the shaft at one point on each drill box, with infinite spacing from 0 to ¾" for varying seed sizes, weights and rates. No feed gates to adjust—no special tools required. The smooth spiral action admits seeds into the chute for uniform planting. No rough cogs to damage fragile seeds.

Easy Wobble Slot starwheel adjustment

New Wobble Slot indicator with easy to read gauge

Quick and easy T-handle depth adjustment of press wheels

Standard equipment shaft and bin monitor