Conservation Drills

No-Till Conservation Drill

Conservation Drill

The All Plant No-Till Conservation Drill will plant conservation grasses in waterways,
reseed pastures, drill cover crop seeds, or production crops.

  • Grass Seeds
  • Cover Crop Seed Mixtures
  • Plant Production Crops

Fluffy Grass Seed Box

Fluffy Grass Metering Box

Agitators rotate to push fluffy grass seed into the picker wheel below that grabs the seed and carries it to the delivery tube.

Grain Box

Wobble Slot

All seed and combinations of different seed mixtures such as cover crops can be precisely controlled with the wobble slot. Adjustable for varying size, weight and rate.

Legume Grass Seed Box
Features small Grass Seed metering.

Legume Grass Metering

Precision Fluted Feed rolls, in the Brillion™ seed meter cup, meter out precise amounts of seed. Their accuracy allows you to seed the smallest seeds at the exact rates you want…as low as one half pound per acre.

The CrustBuster / Speed King All Plant No-Till Conservation Drill plants up to three different conservation grass seeds together in one pass. Three different seed boxes plant three different variety seeds together. It's seed boxes are designed and proportioned for different seed volumes and rates. The drill also has the ability to plant from only one seed box without operating the other two. The largest seed box at the front can be used as a primary grain reservoir for seeding crops. Or it can be used together with the other two seed boxes containing legume seed and / or fluffy grass seed for conservation work.

This drill is equipped with CrustBuster’s proven Parallel Linkage Opener, engineered to create constant down pressure throughout its operating range. Consistent planting depth control is achieved with parallel linkage and easily adjustable constant down pressure. It is designed so the openers remain parallel to the ground at uniform depth throughout the opener's travel creating a constant relationship between the blade and press wheel to achieve consistent depth control. Offset blades penetrate firm soil and create the ultimate seed furrow. The leading notched blade with a 3/4" offset gives maximum penetration and trash flow. Five quick-change down pressure adjustments from 100 lbs. to 500 lbs per opener aids in attaining consistent planting depth. The no-till conservation drill is available in 10', 13', 15', 20', 25' and 30' width.