Echo Red Armor Oil

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ECHO's Red Armor Oil is an exclusive formula that includes powerful detergents to remove performance-robbing caked on deposits and carbon upon first use, while our special additives help to protect your engine and components from future build-up and fuel stablizers to help keep fuel fresh for up to 2 years in a properly sealed container.

Red Armor Oil is a great solution for users who have equipment:<

  • that may be running below it's normal performance
  • that may be stored for long periods of time before each use
  • that may be in high demand and log a lot of hours in the field or on the job
  • that requires pre-mixed fuel for on-the-go emergencies or work situations
  • that may be subjected to varying temperatures


By using Red Armor Oil you help to reduce repair costs and downtime because your engine and equipment are running the best 2-stroke oil available; keeping equipment protected and running at peak performance at all times. Keep your equipment running like new or bring old units back to life using Red Armor oil and move to a standard where Performance Above All, will take your equipment performance to new heights. See what Red Armor can do for you.

  • Ideal for high demand units, low performing units, winterizing units or units that are not used often
  • Features proprietary detergents, additives and anti-oxidants for a powerful clean and engine protectant
  • Cleans existing deposits;Protects against future carbon build-up
  • Promotes longer engine life
  • Exceeds ISO-L-EGD and JASO FD
  • Prevents piston scuffing and stuck rings
  • Fuel stablizers help to keep fuel fresh for up to 2 years in a properly sealed container
  • Helps reduce repair costs and downtime


Available Part No.:

  • 6550000 – 2.6 fl. oz. tray – (48) loose
  • 6550006 – 16 fl. oz – 12 per carton
  • 6550001  2.6 fl. oz. – (8) 6 packs
  • 6550050 – 1 gal. – 4 per carton
  • 6550002 – 5.2 fl. oz. – (8) 6 packs
  • 6550250 – 5 gal. pail
  • 6550025 – 6.4 fl. oz. – (8) 6 packs
  • 6552750 – 55 gal. drum


Volume Various
Engine Type 2-stroke
Mix Volume See specs above
Rating Exceeds ISO-L-EGD and JASO FD
Color Red
Oil Type Semi-Synthetic
Package Bottles / Pail / Drum