Echo U-Handle Kits

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Available Part No.:
99944200435 – Fits SRM-225 and SRM-225i
99944200675 – Fits SRM-266, SRM-266S, SRM-266T, SRM-265, SRM-265T and SRM-265S
99944200689 – Fits SRM-280, SRM-280S and SRM-280T

Kits Contain:
(1) U-handle assembly(1) Lower U-handle bracket (2 halves)(1) Harness clamp(1) Shoulder harness(1) 8 x 55mm bolt(1) Circular washer(1) Square nut(2) Throttle cable clips(3) 5 x 25mm bolts (99944200435 only)(1) Hip pad(3) 5 x 30 mm bolts w/washers (99944200675 and 99944200689 only)


Sorry, currently there are no specs but check back with us later.