Grasshopper Model 623T

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Single-fork Tail Wheel 

  • Single-fork tail wheels enhance weight distribution, improve stability and enhance castering effect when maneuvering.


QuikConverter™ Implement Capability 

  • Add or remove implements in minutes without tools with QuikConverter™ Implement System
  • Equip your out-front mower with a wide range of tools, including turf cleanup, renovation and snow removal implements that extend your productivity year-round


Exclusive T-Drive™ Transmission 

  • Tandem 12cc Parker pumps-in-reservoir transmission is specifically designed for turf-care applications
  • In-line CoolFan™ cooling system and integrated, replaceable, high-efficiency fine-particle filter
  • Design directs more power to the cutting deck as power-sapping components are eliminated


AntiVibe Power Platform® 

Isolates the engine and T-Drive™ from the operator platform for an unprecedented vibration-free experience

Minimal Maintenance 

  • Fewer than 10 grease points and easy top-side access to belts and filters
  • 1,000-hour transmission fluid change intervals
  • Self-tensioning belts minimize cost and labor on routine maintenance


Built for Long Life 

  • Robotically-welded, high-grade steel construction and I-beam reinforcement for long-lasting durability
  • Centered-bearing design provides greater load-bearing capacity to easily handle the weight of operator, fuel and high-capacity collector with reserve strength for curb shocks and weight shifts
  • Tough-as-nails powder-coated finish is fusion-bonded for chip and rust resistance


Kohler Command Pro Engine 

  • 694 cc, 2-cylinder, air-cooled Kohler Command V-Twin engine


PowerFold® Electric Deck Lift 

Standard on all FrontMount™ DuraMax® decks, PowerFold® is the zero-turn mower industry's first electric deck lift (introduced in 2004).

PowerFold® rotates the deck nearly 90 degrees to provide easy access to the underside of the deck for simplified maintenance and mulching package installation, plus space-saving portability and storage.

The feature also adjusts cutting height between 1.25 and 5.0 inches and controls deck lift functions using a single switch.

Heavy-duty Deck 

  • Extra-deep, 5.5-inch deck is fabricated from heavy-gauge formed steel with a reinforced anvil edge
  • Specially designed cutting chambers enhance airflow for better cut quality
  • Deck easily converts from side discharge to optional Down Discharge™ mulching or PowerVac™ collection
  • Sentry™ spindles with massive, 8-inch flanges anchored in a 6-bolt pattern, spread the force of impact for greater strength
  • Spindle planes are fabricated from double-layered formed steel laminate and combine with the spindles to form a triple-strength deck to keep blades level and deliver a high-quality cut.
  • Sentry™ spindle guards shield spindle housing and seal lower bearings from fiber wrap and dirt ingestion


Vigilant Operator Presence System™ 

  • Standard, low profile operator protection structure (OPS) with an adjustable seatbelt
  • Dampened steering levers that return to neutral from forward and reverse
  • Interlock switches that shut down the engine when the operator leaves the seat while PTO is engaged or levers are in drive position


Ultimate Operator Station™

  • The deep-cushioned, deluxe Premium Comfort Seat features a coil-spring suspension and padded lumbar support for all-day comfort. Iso-mounting eliminates vibration before it reaches the seat, and both padded seat and armrests are covered in scuff-resistant, breathable CoolTemp Cordura® fabric, which dissipates heat and won’t tear or crack with extended use.
  • Operational controls including throttle, ignition and push/pull PTO switches, angled View-Eze™ console and adjustable cup holder are well positioned for visibility and ease of reach.
  • One- or two handed operation with QuikAjust Tilt™ dual levers with 9-inch comfort range to custom fit operator's reach. Levers automatically return to neutral from either forward or reverse position and are less strenuous than riding mowers with steering wheels.


Specifications Model 623T
Type/Horsepower/Cylinders Kohler Command Pro, V-Twin
Displacement 42.4 cu. in. (694 cc)
Lubrication System Pressure Lube/Filter
Crankshaft Horizontal
Cooling System Air
Fuel Gasoline - unleaded
Fuel Capacity 4.0 U.S. Gal. (15.14 l)
Optional Fuel Capacity NA
Air Cleaner Heavy-duty, remote mounted, cyclonic, dual element air filtration.
Muffler Ultra-quiet, industrial type
DECK DuraMax (52")
Mulching Package # 504566(48), 504567(52)
– 41" Deck NA
– 42" Deck NA
 – 44" Deck NA
 – 48" Deck *
 – 52" Deck *
 – 61" Deck NA
 – 72" Deck NA
CUTTING HEIGHT RANGE 1.25 to 5.0 in. (3.2 cm to 12.7 cm)
CONSTRUCTION (Robotic-welded steel) Tubular 2.25 in. x 4 in. boxed members with 0.25 in. gussets. Formed double thickness hardened steel (0.239 in. = 3 gauge (6.07mm)) truss spindle plane and (3) Sentry™ spindles and a triple-strength upper deck, over 1/2 inch thick in stress zones. G
BLADES (Tempered, alloy steel)  
– 41" Deck NA
– 42" Deck NA
 – 44" Deck NA
 – 48" Deck (2) 18 in. (45.7 cm)
(1) 15 in. (38.1 cm)
 – 52" Deck (3) 18 in. (45.7 cm)
 – 61" Deck NA
 – 72" Deck NA
SPINDLE ASSEMBLIES Sentry™ Spindle System, 2.5 cm (approx. 1 in.) O.D. shaft. Double bearings greasable from top of deck. Spindle head designed to eliminate fiber wrap.
SPINDLE HOUSINGS 8 in. (20.3 cm)-diameter machined aluminum housing with 6-bolt pattern.
BLADE DRIVE Maintenance-free gearbox with single Kevlar V-belt and idler arm tensioning.
TRIMABILITY (Outside of std. tire to left trim side)  
– 41" Deck NA
– 42" Deck NA
 – 44" Deck NA
 – 48" Deck 3.5 in. (8.9 cm)
 – 52" Deck 2.5 in. (6.4 cm)
 – 61" Deck NA
 – 72" Deck NA
Battery (maintenance-free) 12 Volt
Starter Solenoid shift
Ignition Breakerless
Interlock System Prevents engine start when PTO clutch is engaged or steering levers are in drive position. Allows operator dismount without engine shutdown only when PTO is disengaged and steering levers are locked in neutral.
Seat Ultimate Suspension Ride (USR) iso-mounted, high-back, deep-cushioned, foam-padded CoolTemp Cordura-covered, padded arms/backrest with lumbar support and coil-spring suspension. Optional CoolTemp Cordura-covered premier suspension seat.
Suspension AntiVibe PowerPlatform™ with iso-mounted seat and footrest
Console-mounted Instruments Low engine oil pressure and parking brake indicator lights, work lights, digital hour meter, ignition and push/pull PTO switches. Choke integrated with throttle lever.
Work Lights Optional - LED
Hour Meter Standard
Type T-Drive™ hydrostatic transmission with tandem 12 cc Parker pumps-in-reservoir, in-line CoolFan™ for cooling efficiency, design-matched Parker high-torque wheel motors. AntiVibe Power Platform® reduces vibration for the operator.
Filtration/Hydro Fluid Integrated, replaceable, high-efficiency, fine-particle filter / Grasshopper CoolTemp Hydro-Max™ fluid withstands high and low temperature extremes for 1,000 hour change intervals.
Speed 0-8.5 mph (0-13.7 kph) forward; 0-5.5 mph (0-8.9 kph) reverse.
Turning Radius True zero degree, turns within own length with counter-rotating, independently powered drive wheels. Seat is pivot point.
Steering One- or two-hand operation with adjustable, HydraSmooth™, dual levers that automatically return to neutral from either forward or reverse position.
Brakes Dynamic braking through hydrostatic transmission.
Parking Brake Compression
Attachment Drive Telescoping PTO shaft with two high-speed U-joints, Quik-D-Tatch® coupler and heavy-duty electric Mag Stop® blade clutch/brake.
Drive Wheels – Standard (4-ply rated) 20x10.00x8 turf tread, 4-ply rated
Drive Wheels – Optional (4-ply rated) 21x11.00x8, bar tread, 4-ply rated
Single Tail Wheel 13x6.50x6 rib tread, pneumatic
Wide Stance Single Fork Tail Wheel NA
Deck Tires (4-ply rated)  
– 41" Deck NA
– 42" Deck NA
 – 44" Deck NA
 – 48" Deck 9x3.50x4 (flat proof), 4-ply rated
 – 52" Deck 9x3.50x4 (flat proof), 4-ply rated
 – 61" Deck NA
 – 72" Deck NA
Height (Seat Back) 43.5 in. (110.5 cm)
Height (Seat Cushion) 26.0 in. (66.0 cm)
Height (ROPS) 63.0 in. (160.0 cm)
Length (FrontMount w/ DuraMax® Deck - Mowing Position)  
– 41" Deck NA
– 42" Deck NA
– 44" Deck NA
 – 48" Deck 99.0 in (251.5cm)
 – 52" Deck 100.0 in. (254.0 cm)
 – 61" Deck NA
 – 72" Deck NA
Length (FrontMount Power Unit + DuraMax® Deck - Folded Up)  
– 41" Deck NA
– 42" Deck NA
– 44" Deck NA
– 48" Deck 78.0 in. (198.2 cm)
– 52" Deck  
– 61" Deck NA
– 72" Deck NA
Deck Width (Side Discharge)  
– 41" Deck NA
– 42" Deck NA
 – 44" Deck NA
 – 48" Deck 61.5 in. (156.2 cm)
 – 52" Deck 65.5 in. (166.5 cm)
 – 61" Deck NA
 – 72" Deck NA
Deck Width (Mulch*)  
– 41" Deck NA
– 42" Deck NA
 – 44" Deck NA
 – 48" Deck 49.5 in. (125.7 cm)
 – 52" Deck 53.5 in. (135.9 cm)
 – 61" Deck NA
 – 72" Deck NA
FrontMount PowerUnit Only (Width/Length) 47.0 in. (119.4 cm)/59.0 in. (149.9 cm)
FrontMount Power Unit (Wheelbase) 46.0 in. (116.8 cm)
WEIGHT - (Uncrated)  
– 41" Deck NA
– 42" Deck NA
 – 44" Deck NA
 – 48" Deck 1040 lbs. (471.7 kg)
 – 52" Deck 1120 lbs. (508.0 kg)
 – 61" Deck NA
 – 72" Deck NA
FrontMount Power Unit Only (uncrated) 750 lbs. (340.2 kg)
FrontMount Deck Only - Side Discharge (uncrated)  
– 41" Deck NA
– 42" Deck NA
 – 44" Deck NA
 – 48" Deck 290 lbs. (131.5 kg)
 – 52" Deck 370 lbs. (167.8 kg)
 – 61" Deck NA
 – 72" Deck NA
Mulching Package  
– 41" Deck NA
– 42" Deck NA
 – 44" Deck NA
 – 48" Deck 25 lbs. (11.3 kg)
 – 52" Deck 29 lbs. (13.2 kg)
 – 61" Deck NA
 – 72" Deck NA