Honey Bee AirFLEX SDX Series



  • Fully Flexible Cutterbar, Adjustable Air Suspension and Optimized Header Height System
    The AirFLEX SDX shaves the ground, picking up even the lowest hanging pods. And it does it at speeds never seen before. The key to cutting so close to the soil is the nine inches of movement that the AirFLEX SDX has across the width of the cutterbar. The Optimized Header Height System always keeps the header at the perfect height in all terrain, and the air suspension is light, fast reacting and infinitely adjustable.

  • Easy to Operate
    The AUTOMATIX push button system is an advanced control panel delivering simple and complete control of the AirFLEX SDX, including real-time monitoring of all systems.

  • Transport System
    The AirFLEX SDX transport wheels are designed to be there when you need them and off for harvest. They’re self-aligning and can be mounted in five minutes.

  • Fully Synchronized, Centrally Driven Knives
    The smooth operating knife drive provides powerful cutting action and increased durability, while enabling a lighter and more streamlined crop divider.

  • Honey Bee High Performance Reel
    The custom built, fully adjustable reel ranges from gentle to aggressive with unlimited finger spacing options to leave no crop behind.

  • Reversible Mechanical Drive
    For maximum convenience and efficiency, you can unplug your combine directly from the cab. The drapers, knife drive and feed auger run reverse with the combine.

  • High Performance Drapers
    The new draper tensioning system provides smooth, consistent operation regardless of what crop you’re harvesting.


Width 25' (7.6 m) 30′ (9.1 m) 36′ (10.9 m) 40′ (12.2 m) 45′ (13.7 m) 50′ (15.2 m)
Operating weight (incl. reel) 2,701 kg
(5,955 lbs)
2,923 kg
(6,444 lbs)
3,112 kg
(6,860 lbs)
3,460 kg
(7,628 lbs)
3,636 kg
(8,016 lbs)
3,812 kg
(8,404 lbs)
Hydraulic System Hydraulics are limited to the combine reel circuits only.
Cutting System Honey Bee cutting system with SCH sections.
Knife Drive Fully synchronized mechanical knife drive.
Draper New high performance tensioning system and mechanical drive.
Center Deck New high performance tensioning system and mechanical drive.
HB Reel High strength, high performance reel with multiple crop settings and finger spacing options.
Reel Drive Center hydraulic reel drive.
Transport System Heavy duty road transport with electric brakes.
Tires / Wheels / Hubs / Spindles Standard
Cutterbar Poly Skid Standard with sectional panels.
Combine Adapters Available for most models of self-propelled combines.
Fore/Aft Standard – using combine functions.
Automatic Reel Speed Control Standard equipment – combine must have reel speed circuit.
Header Height Standard – combine needs header height function.
Automatix Standard
Reversible Mechanical Drive Standard
Maintenance Requirements 4 x 10 hour knife grease / 15 x 50 hour drive-line grease
Flex A total of 9″ flex in cutterbar
Cutterbar Independently suspended
Air System Standard on-board air compressor with cab controls (Automatix)