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If your farming operation calls for a heavy-duty offset disc harrow, there's no better choice than a Kuhn Krause 5800 Series. Kuhn Krause’s 5800 Series offsets are renowned for their rugged dependability and heavy-duty construction. The new rocker shaft design utilizes hydraulic cylinders that act directly on each wheel arm, reducing frame stress and torsion. Massive main frame beams are 6" x 8" x 3/8" structural steel with gang beams of 4" x 10" material. The 5800 Series disc harrows put 497 to 650 pounds per foot of cut to work on your toughest tillage challenges, depending on the model and blade size. Gang angles are pin-stop adjustable from 16 degrees to 24 degrees.


Working width (m) 4,2
Working width (feet) 13' 10"
Working width (m) 3.7
Working width (feet) 12.25
Number of discs 31
Number of discs 35
Disc diameter (cm) 66
Disc diameter (in) 26"
Disc Spacing (cm) 25,4
Disc Spacing (in) 10"
Number of wheels 4
Number of bearing arms 10
Transport width (m) 4.6
Transport width (feet) 15' 1"
Number of sections 1
Frame type Rigid
Weight (kg) 3914
Weight (lb) 8628
Tractor Power (kW) between 73 and 104
Tractor Power (hp) between 98 and 140
Maximum authorised tractor power (kW) 104
Maximum Authorised Tractor Power (hp) 140