Kuhn VSL 250

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Superior Feed Movement

Cone-Style Auger & Kicker Design

Cone-style augers provide superior feed movement for faster, more complete mixing and processing. The smooth, continuous auger flighting (1) creates a rolling feed action that improves mixing. The top cover of the auger has a steep angle to aid in bale movement when processing round bales and to prevent feed from sitting on top of the auger between mixes. The straight bolt-on kicker (2) provides a fast and even discharge. Each lead flight is equipped with a cast iron scraper (3) that pulls material away from the tub walls into the auger for a better overall mix. Both the kicker and scraper are bolt-on attachments, making replacement very easy to save you precious time.

Hardened Knives

Large, 15” or 20”, replaceable hay cutting knives are available to best handle the material to be processed. The knives have two positions to adjust the aggressiveness of the knife angle. Versatility of knife length, angle and position allow for an optimal setting with a wide variety of ration ingredients.
•A: Knife set in for slicing and cutting
•B: Knife set out for grabbing and tearing

Adjustable Hay Stops

The adjustable hay stops provide flexibility in processing to provide you with the cut length necessary to reach the optimal nutritional value you’re striving for. This adjustability makes hay processing more efficient and helps minimize overprocessing.

Large Discharge Doors

For unmatched feed flow, these mixers feature a large discharge door. The large openings also help ensure less binding in high hay rations, especially when discharging high-roughage rations. Upgrades to the door pivot linkage allow for smooth operation of the door.

Low-Profile, Heavy-Duty Design

Low-Profile Design

Easily loaded with a skidsteer, the low-profile design of the VSL remains a hallmark feature. Choose a VSL where low loading height or low clearance in entrances to buildings is desired.

Heavy-Duty Single-Axle Undercarriage

The single axle, dual-wheel design allows for ease of maneuverability, reduced ground pressure and overall stability. Both implement and truck tires are available.

Heavy-Duty Front, Side and Rear Doors

VSL 200 Series mixers feature heavily reinforced doors for tight closure and long service life. The hydraulically activated door linkage reduces the overall height of the mixer to allow clearance in barns with rafter/door limitations. It also allows for faster unloading as a result of a higher door opening height than would be possible with straight pulled doors.

Fully Welded Tub Design

The completely welded body provides superior strength and durability for long life without cracking at bolted joints. The heavy-duty, reinforced floor and body help ensure dependable service and long life.

Dependable Drive Design

Simple, Dependable Drive

A planetary drive system provides simplicity for long life and heavy-duty use. The flooded top bearing eliminates the need for extra grease zerks. This proven and rugged drive system, coupled with an external oil reservoir, is virtually maintenance free, with the exception of scheduled gear lube changes.

Two-Speed Gearbox

A shiftable, 2-speed gearbox option allows for reduced input horsepower and auger speed for easier starting and mixing, even with smaller tractors. The gearbox can be shifted manually on the machine, or with an in-cab electric shift option for operator convenience.

Shear Bolt Overload Protection

The planetary gearbox is protected by a shear bolt from overload and torque spikes caused by obstructions.


Model VSL 250
Capacity - no extensions (m3) 16
Capacity - no extensions (cu.ft) 550
Number of augers 1
Overall height - no extensions (cm) 274
Overall height - no extensions (in) 108
Overall width - without options (cm) 287
Overall width - without options (in) 113
Tread width (cm) 254
Tread width (in) 100
Weight (kg) 4627
Weight (lb) 10200
Drive Planetary
PTO speed (rpm) 540 / 1000
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 75
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 100
Maximum load (kg) 7484
Maximum load (lb) 16500
Door opening (h x w, cm) 107 x 94
Door opening (h x w, in) 42 x 37
Auger Diameters (cm) 274
Auger Diameters (in) 108