Land Pride CB0654

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Features Benefits
Four-in-one bucket design Can be used as a bucket, grapple, scraper, or dozer.
Designed to fit Kubota's B tractors with front loaders Easy to attach to Kubota's B tractor loaders with Universal Quick Attach. A good fit for Kubota B tractors with front loaders.
Designed to protect hydraulic hoses Hydraulic hoses routed to prevent pinching.
1 1/4" Pivot pins Large diameter greasable pins for extra strength.
21" Jaw opening Large opening to handle bulky objects.
Reinforced bucket Adds strength and rigidity to the bucket, clamshell, and dozer features of the four-in-one bucket.
B01/B50 3rd function valve kits (Accessory) Adds a 3rd function capability to the loader. Provides convenient opening and closing of the 4-in-1 bucket.
Single cylinder design Single cylinder allows for narrow, light-weight bucket design allowing for increased payload.


Specifications & Capacities  
Hitch type Universal Quick Attach
Weight 290 lbs (132 kg)
Overall width 55 1/2" (141 cm)
Clamshell opening 21" (74 cm)
Bucket capacity (ft3) m3 6.8ft3 (.63m3) struck & 8.5ft3 (.79 m3) heaped
Hydraulic cylinder pins 1" dia. rod pivot pins
Jaw pivot pins 1 1/4" dia. pivot pins (greasable)
Hydraulic cylinder 2 1/2" x 6" x 1 1/8" Rod
Maximum hydraulic pressure 2500 psi (17237 kPa)