Land Pride FDR3690

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Gearbox HP rating 30 - 70 HP
Rear discharge The wide, even dispersal of grass leaves a fine thin layer directly behind the mower, vs. a possible windrow to the side. Keeps grass from blowing in unwanted areas. Easier to mow around objects.
Deflectors Built-in to direct material and debris down.
Clevis type lower hitch points Allows for easy hook-up by being able to remove pins and back into clevises.
Floating 3-point Top and bottom hitch points float up and down which allows the mower to float over uneven terrain.
1/4" Rolled front on deck Roll formed front deck edging designed to take heavy abuse.
Frame-over-deck design Frames takes stress out of deck by supporting it.
3/16" Deck thickness Heavy deck material to aid in overall strength and longevity. Reinforced spindle mounts.
Lower hitch points adjust in and out Accommodates many tractor configurations by adjusting in and out.
Semi-solid tires with roller bearings Semi-solid tires offer premium flotation. Roller bearings allow for a long life. Semi-solid tires offer shock absorption.
Heavy-duty Gauge wheel arms Rectangular tubing increases strength.
Non-aligned gauge wheels Rear wheels don't track behind the front wheels to reduce laying grass over.
High blade tip speed 16,500 FPM For cleaner cutting and better dispersion of clippings.
Blade overlap Blade overlap of 2" assures no skipping in tight turns.
1 3/8" Machined blade spindle with ball bearings and cast iron housing. Machined spindle for balanced performance and accuracy, ball bearings for smooth and quiet running, cast iron housing for added protection and durability.
Top greasing spindles Makes greasing blade spindles easy. No shields to remove.
Double V Kevlar belt Kevlar material adds additional strength.
Spring loaded adjustable idler Allows for constant and proper tension on belt. Better than adjusting gearbox for belt tension.
Top Hitch Top hitch has two hook-up points which allows greater lifting leverage for smaller tractors.
5 Year Limited Gear Box warranty Shows our confidence in the gearbox integrity. 5 year Parts & Labor
Drive-line hanger For ease in hookup and storage of drive-line. Keeps drive-line off ground.
Quick Hitch Compatible Compatible with Land Pride Quick Hitch for easy attachment and removal. Increases productivity.


Model Numbers  FDR3690
Tractor HP.Rating  30-70 HP.
Cutting Width  90"
Overall Width  92"
Overall Height  38 1/8"
Overall Length  85 7/8"
Weight Without Front Roller  930 lbs.
Front Roller  Optional, Weight = 6 lbs.
Cutting Height  1" to 6 1/2" in 1/4" increments with plated spacers
Deck Material Thickness  3/16"
Blade Tip Speed  16,500 FPM
Blades Construction - 6 each  Free swinging, 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 14" Hardened, Medium Lift (2 per blade spindle)
Blade Overlap  2"
Blade Spindles  1 3/8" Stress-Proof Shaft
Deck Spindle Housings  Cast Iron Greasable Hubs
Belt  Double V Powerband Belt
Belt Take-Up   Spring Loaded Idler
Gearbox  540 RPM Cast Iron Housing Gearbox With Beveled Gears, 1:2.75 Ratio
Gearbox Oil Capacity & Type  3.5 Pints of 80-90W EP Gear Lube
Discharge  Rear
Hitch  Category l
Quick Hitch Compatible  Fits Land Pride Quick Hitch
Lower Hitch  Floating Clevis with Plated Pins
Top Link  Floating Clevis
Castered Gauge Wheels  5" x 13" Semi-Solid Tire with Bearings
Caster Wheel Spindle  1 1/4" Diameter with Greasable Bushing
Drive-line  Heavy-Duty Cat. 4 W/Quick Coupler