New Holland Haybine® 18HS

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Windrower Headers

Productivity is more than how many acres you cut – it’s also dry down time. Durabine™ PLUS Series disc headers and Haybine® HS Series sickle headers are designed to take advantage of faster speeds found on Speedrower® PLUS windrowers without compromising cutting and conditioning quality.


To maximize productivity, the all-new MowMax™ II PLUS true modular cutterbar delivers a cleaner cut. Longer knives extend each module’s cutting diameter by nearly 1 inch (25.4 mm) and turn with a tip speed of 171 mph (275 kph) at 2300 rpm on the Durabine 413 PLUS and 195 mph (314 kph) at 2600 rpm on the Durabine 416 PLUS and 419 PLUS, which is 14 mph (22 kph) faster than the previous series (181 mph (291 kph)). For better crop-to-knife engagement, the cast rock guards were reshaped. To improve cutting in light- or late-season crops, the profile of the cutterbar was lowered by bringing the discs closer to the cutterbar with new low profile ShockPRO™ hubs. Along with the longer knives, this design is more productive in down and tangled crops as the cutting height was lowered nearly 30%, leaving less uncut crop behind.


Since 1964 when New Holland introduced the industry’s first combined mower-conditioner, the Haybine® name has been associated with impeccable cutting performance, fast drying, and time-tested reliability. Three sizes are available with cutting widths of 14’ 3” (4.34 m.), 16’ 3” (4.95 m), and 18’ 3” (5.56 m). For clean cutting performance, dual counter-stroking sickles feature a timed modular wobble drive that assures smooth cutting with minimal vibration and maintenance. Over-serrated knives slice quickly at 1800 rpm as the fully adjustable five-bat reel consistently feeds crop into the 20-inch (508 mm) auger. Fast dry down is the result of 102-inch (2591 mm) wide chevron-pattern intermeshing rubber or steel rolls that use a proven torsion-bar roll-pressure system to apply constant pressure.


The Durabine 416 PLUS Specialty Grass Seed Harvesting head delivers high-capacity performance in delicate crops that do not require conditioning, like grasses, flower seeds, and mint. A unique auger features flighting that tapers as it approaches the center of the head, with no paddles, supports, or conditioning rolls. A flexible lean bar in the front assists tall crop flow into the head, without sudden impacts that could shatter delicate seedpods. A second curtain hanging above the cutterbar improves crop flow. In the back, windrow-forming rods gently direct crop into a windrow ready for harvesting.


MODEL Haybine® 18HS
Dimensions & Weights  
Cutting width ft. in. (m) 18' 3" (5.56)
Overall width ft. in. (m) 20' 3" (6.17)
Weighting with conditioning system lbs. (kg) 4370 (1983)
Weight less conditioning system lbs. (kg) -
Durabine PLUS MowMax™ II PLUS Cutterbar  
Cutting width ft. in. (m) -
Cutting height range in. (mm) -
Cutting angle -
Number of discs -
Maximum disc speed rpm -
Number of reversible, swing-away knives -
Knife tip speed mph (kph) -
Flotation -
ShockPRO™ Disc Drive Protection System -
3-Year MowMax Factory Cutterbar Warranty -
Haybine Cutterbar  
Cutting width ft. in. (m) 18' 3" (5.56)
Cutting height range in. (mm) 1.2-6.2 (30.5-157.5)
Cutting angle -6 to -12 degrees
Type Timed, dual, counterstroking
Knives Over serrated, bolted
Guards 2-tine, double-hardened
Skid shoes 4
Drive type Open, dual, wobble
Speed spm 1810
Stroke in. (mm) 3 (76)
Haybine Reel  
Type 5 bat
Adjustments Fore/aft and vertical
Mechanical drive rpm 58 - 83
Hydraulic drive (optional) rpm 0 - 76
Speed adjustment (mechanical) Variable sheave
Diameter in. (mm) 42 (1067)
Drive type Belt and chain
Tine bars Segmented
Bushings / bearings* in. (mm) 1.25 (31.75)
Auger diameter in. (mm) 20 (508)
Auger type Floating
Conditioning Systems  
Roll types Chevron pattern rubber or steel
Roll length in. (mm) 102 (2591)
Roll diameter in. (mm) 10 .16 (258)
Roll speed rpm 717
Roll pressure Hand crank
Roll gap Adjustable stop-bolt
Roll drive Spur gearbox and PTOs
Windrow/swath width in. (mm) 38 to 96 (965 to 2438)

* Bearing with collar at cam end. Bushings at all other locations.