Rhino GR260

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  • Dual Shredding Blades for Finer Shredding of Stalks and Grass Materials.
  • Blades Create Faster Decomposition and Nutrient Return to the Soil.
  • Front and Rear Chain Guards Come Standard Providing Protection from Thrown Objects 4 1/2" diameter cut capacity to handle heavy mowing applications with ease.
  • Reinforced Domed Deck Design Minimizing Material Buildup, Allowing Faster Cleanup and Greater Strenght.
  • Deep Deck Design to Handle Higher Volume of Cut Material.
  • Reduced Blade Tip Speed to Handle Heavy Material.
  • 4 1/2" Diameter Cut Capacity to Handle Heavy Mowing Applications With Ease.


Model GR260
Cutting Width 60''
Overall Width 67 1/2''
Overall Length 111''
Min Cutting Height 1 1/2''
Hitch* Cat 1 & 2* / CAT 1 QH
Blade Carrier Shredder Bar
Blades 1/2'' x 4'' Flat
Min PTO Horsepower Required** 35
Gearbox Rating*** 130 HP
Gearbox Oil (85W-140) Factory Filled
Output Shaft Diameter 2''
PTO Type 540 RPM
Blade Tip Speed (FPM) 11,451
Cutting Capacity (Max.) 2 1/2''
Driveline Size CAT 4
Driveline Protection Slip Clutch
Deck Thickness 10 Ga.
Side Skirt** 1/4'' X 11''
Tires & Wheels Laminated
Suspension N/A
Safety Deflector Single or Double Chains
Weight (Approx.) 998 lbs.