Woods BW15.52

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  1. Woods® Level Lock™ Technology ensures a more level cut height across rugged terrain. (patent pending)
  2. Optional Cut Height Indicator allows the operator to mark a desired cut height prior to mowing and readjust from the cab as needed for a more even cut.
  3. The Woods Exclusive Smartlift™ System holds holds your 80lb PTO driveline allowing you to easily connect and disconnect from the tractor.
  4. Large Blade Access Window for easy blade maintenance from the top of the deck.
  5. Hose Holder holds hoses closer to the hydraulic remotes clear of the PTO shaft and tractor tires.
  6. Thumbscrew Dipstick quickly and easily check gearbox oil.
  7. PTO Lock Collar holds PTO collar back for easier tractor connection.
  8. Magnetic Driveline Shields lift to service gearbox.
  9. Aligned Grease Points easily find and service grease points.


Product Tier Professional
Tractor PTO HP 45-200
Tractor PTO (rpm) 540 or 1,000
Hitch Type Swivel clevis hitch
Adjustable Cutting Height (in) 2-15
Cutting Capacity Diameter (in) 3
Cutting Width (ft) 15
Cutting Area Shielding Single or Double Chain
Blade Tip Speed (fpm) 15,526 (wing), 15,904 (center) at 540 rpm
15,708 (wing), 15,422 (center) at 1,000 rpm
Blade Size (in) .5 x 4
Blade Overlap (in) 6
Weight/Tongue Weight (lbs) 4,595/1,935
Transport Width (in) 96
Hydrualics Wing Flex (degrees) 90 up, 22 down
Side Skirt (in) .25 thick x 13 deep
Stump Jumper Type Oval
Deck Thickness (in) 0.135
Wheel Type 21 in. laminated; 25 in. severe-duty Ag; 29 in. used aircraft
foam-filled options for severe-duty Ag and used aircraft
Driveline Rating CAT 6 CV main, CAT 4 wing
Gearbox Rating (hp) 210 splitter /
200 center and wing
Gearbox Warranty (yrs) 10
Output Shaft Size (in) 2 dia
Options Double row chain shielding, Dual wheels, Towing Eye