Honey Bee WS Grain Belt Swather Series



  • Remote Draper Speed Control
    Draper speeds are hydraulically controlled in-cab, and are adjustable up to 800 rpm. Remote draper speed control gives you the power to quickly adjust draper speeds for varying crop conditions.

  • Polyester Drapers
    42″ (106.7 cm) drapers are made of long-lasting, rubberized polyester with fibreglass-reinforced slats and are V-guided to eliminate manual draper tracking.

  • Draper Drive
    The 3″ (7.6 cm) diameter drive rollers provide traction in heavy crop conditions. Powered from the outside by a hydraulic motor, the drapers move the crop towards the centre for more uniform feeding.

  • Reel Drive
    The hydraulically driven reel is easily controlled using standard in-cab controls. In-cab controls allow for quick reel adjustment in changing crop conditions.

  • Hydraulic Header Tilt
    No-wrench header tilt adjustment for header tilt control in varying crop conditions.

  • SCH Cutting System
    The SCH Easy Cut Cutting System provides smooth, superior cutting. Spring steel guards with cutting edges on top and bottom, along with alternating, bolted, heat-treated sections, eliminate the need for hold downs. The system keeps dirt and debris from accumulating under the knives for increased performance in severe cutting conditions.

  • Knife Drive
    The knife is driven by a 3 5/16″ (8.4 cm) stroke, epicyclic knife drive which operates from 1,100–1,400 strokes per minute. The knife drive is driven by a low maintenance hydraulic drive motor. Double knife drive systems are available optional equipment on 25′, 30′ and 36′ models. Standard equipment on 21′.

  • Fore/Aft Reel Adjustment
    A hydraulic adjustment with in-cab control is available for fore/aft positioning for on-the-go response to changing crop conditions with a 16″ operating range.

  • Skid Plates
    UHMW skid plates are standard on all models to protect the cutterbar when cutting crops close to the ground.

  • Swath Opening
    Standard swath opening is 81″ +/- 3″. Double swath standard opening of 46″ +/- 6″. Standard swath opening may be decreased by 14″ or 28″ on some models.

  • Draper Tension and Tracking
    The canvas can be adjusted for tracking and tightening, which allows for even tension on both the front and rear of the rollers. A quick release lever allows for ease of canvas and roller cleaning.

  • Easy Hook-up Lift Arm Extensions
    Lift arm extensions attach to the windrower lift arm using a bolt. The lift arm assembly attaches to the swather using a “no-wrench” single pin attachment. New arms provide for an easy attachment and detachment of the table.

  • Integral Storage Transport
    The self-contained transport, including hitch, jack and axle, is conveniently stored on the swather table.

  • Hay Guard
    The Hay guard ensures a smooth transition from knife to draper and reduces material wrapping on the rollers.


Width 21′ (6.4 m) 25′ (7.6 m) 30′ (9.1 m) 36′ (10.9 m)
(no reels or options included)
2,462 lbs
(1,117 kg)
2,869 lbs
(1,301 kg)
3,513 lbs
(1,593 kg)
4,852 lbs
(2,201 kg)
Hydraulic System Supplied by Windrower.
Header Floatation Supplied by Windrower.
Cutting System SCH Easy Cut, spring steel guards, bolted sections.
Crary Guard with SCH Knife.
Knife Drive SCH Epicyclic 3 5/16″ (8.4 cm) stroke, hydraulically driven, approximately 1,100 – 1,400 strokes per minute.

42″ (106.7 cm) wide rubberized polyester, fibreglass reinforced rubber slats.
Hydraulically driven, speed adjustable from approximately 0 – 800 fpm (175.3 mpm).


HB Reel - 6 bat, plastic fingers - standard 5" spacing - Assembled

Reel Drive Standard ‐ using Windrower Hydraulic System c/w one drive motor. Optional – Double Reel Drive motors.
Reel speed adjustable in cab.
Gauge Wheels N/A Standard
Storage Transport Standard
Tires / Wheels / Hubs / Spindles Standard
Cutterbar Poly Skid Standard
Hay Guard Standard
Double Swath Standard Optional – Hydraulic Deck Shift. Note: Some restrictions apply.
Windrower Adapters John Deere Windrower Models: 4895 – 4995 – A400 – R450
Cross Auger Size Specific N/A 25′ (7.6 m) (3pc) 30′ (9.1 m) (3pc) 36′ (10.9 m) (3pc)
Fore / Aft Standard
Hydraulic Header Tilt Standard
Dual Wheel Hitch Carrier Optional
*WS Grain Belt Swather weight Includes: Header c/w Single Swath, Double Knife, Cutterbar Poly Skid (UHMW), Castoring Gauge Wheels, Tires / Wheels / Hubs and Spindles, Hydraulic Fore/Aft, Integral Transport, Windrower Adapter, Hydraulic Header Tilt, Remote Canvas Speed Control, Hay Guard and Reel.